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Rachel Bates

Rachel Bates was born and raised in Chennai, India, but moved to the United Kingdom in 2000, following her marriage to her husband, John. After completing her master's degree in psychology in India, Rachel went on to do her higher education in psychotherapy in England. She is now a licensed existential integrative psychotherapist registered in the UK. She currently resides in the UK with her husband, John, and their son, Benjamin. Aside from offering individual and group therapy as a mental health professional, Rachel is a speaker and a writer. She also runs training workshops on mental healRead More...


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Books by Rachel Bates

Death is inevitable. In life, there is nothing more certain than death. Historically, we are expected to grieve a certain way within a certain time frame, but this is detrimental to our mental health. As a psychotherapist, I feel compelled to help people grasp the importance of mental health which is fundamental to our overall well-being. This book is about gaining a deeper appreciation of the beauty and value of the gift of life; enjoying the gift of motherho

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