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An avid reader herself, Rajeshwari lives in Canada with her husband and two kids. She has a MBA in Finance.She loves cooking, sucks at jigsaw puzzles, is passionate about styling and spends far too much time on social media. The American Dream is her first novel.Follow Rajeshwari at [link removed]Read More...


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A BTS (behind the scenes) story

Books by Rajeshwari Nukala

A troubled movie star, a failed manager, an image consultant who has never landed a client and a stylist who no one has ever heard of. they have one thing in common - Bollywood. oh! and maybe another thing, 'REVENGE'. 

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The American Dream


Sonam is super excited! Her husband Raj, an IT professional, has  been posted in  the US of A on a project for his company. Together with their 2-year-old son, Rahul, they relocate to the States. Sonam has starry eyed dreams and ambitions about her new life in the US --- an A-list designer wardrobe, a huge mansion with a pool, Instagramming her life in the coolest and most spectacular parts of America and most of all  becoming a hotshot banker d

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