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Ramesh N. Rao, Avinash Thombre

Ramesh Rao is a professor in the Department of Communication at Columbus State University. He earned a BA from Bangalore University and then went on to serve as a bank officer, a schoolteacher and a copy editor. He earned a Diploma in Journalism from the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan while he was a schoolteacher. He earned an MS in Mass Communication from the University of Southern Mississippi (1987) and a PhD in Communication from Michigan State University (1992). He has taught at Truman State University (1991-2005), Longwood University (2005-2013) and Columbus State University (2013 to present). RRead More...

Communicating Across Boundaries

Books by Ramesh N. Rao, Avinash Thombre

India is a multifaceted, multicultural nation with a rich tradition of ethnic, religious, linguistic, social and cultural mores, beliefs and practices. What has allowed for such a rich diversity of people and what have been the challenges to effective communication between and among these groups? India is also Bharat, and where does the twain meet between the imagined and the real India and the imagined and the real Bharat?

This book offers insights int

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