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Reshmi Mukherjee

Reshmi Mukherjee is a small-town girl from West Bengal who followed her dreams to Mumbai and now, Dubai. She is a serial entrepreneur, running three successful businesses and an ardent writer. Her first book, Goddess of Skies is her homage to a heartfelt story that the world needed to hear. She is confident that the intensely-crafted characters of the book along with the gripping storyline would charm and shock the readers, all at the same time. The book is the perfect union of the old and the new, of archaic nostalgia and new-age interpretation of the past, with a soul so strong that it woRead More...


Goddess of Skies

Books by Reshmi Mukherjee

Set nostalgically in an archaic era of the late eighties in a small town in West Bengal, Sourav meets the elusive goddess-like girl of nineteen, Indrani at his ancestral home.

As if premeditated by some force of nature, they immediately find their soul mates in each other, falling deeply in love and brewing a karmic friendship strong enough to last a lifetime.

So why didn’t they last a lifetime?

Something unexplained happened to them, to

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