Indie Author Championship #6

Richa Gupta

Richa Gupta has 27 years of work experience in the field of English Language teaching and corporate training. She combines academic experience as a Senior Post-Graduate Teacher (PGT) of English in reputed schools with e-learning industry experience and skills in instructional design (ID), pre-sales activities and project management. Besides supervising literary activities such as Dramatics, Declamation and Debating for Senior School students, she has also executed a large volume of edit reviews, supervised academic curriculum development and conducted training workshops in soft skills and techRead More...


Books by Richa Gupta

“There are instances when the truth suddenly pitches at us with an undeniable impact. Our buried feelings come to the fore due to a trigger in our environment.”

What happens when the skeins of life of 16 diverse Indian women, aged 25 to 67, get entwined when they travel to Spain and Portugal in an all-women’s tour?

With a galaxy of identifiable characters from modern urban India depicted with light-hearted mirth in a travel enviro

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Books by Arti Chugpai

Caught in an abusive marriage, Sonam Aggarwal finds no family support when she struggles to break free. However, with unwavering grit, she makes a place for herself in the world and rises like a phoenix from the ashes of her dead marriage to discover true companionship and professional success.

The evolution of a knowledge society in India that places a premium on human knowledge and skills regardless of gender finally bequeaths her a coveted place in th

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