Rohit Gupta

Entrepreneur and Writer

Rohit Gupta, Thirty -two, is an ex-banker settled in New Delhi. He lives with his wife and a son in Delhi. He runs a company which works on financial services and investments. He travels abroad frequently because of his nature of work and loves exploring the international market.


Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Books by Rohit Gupta


The book is about Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, also known as the Indian Orthodox Church. It is an Read More...

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Reward and Donation Crowdfunding

Books by Rohit Gupta

The book is informative, apt details for both beginners and experienced Fundraisers. This book covers the basic idea of Reward Based Crowdfunding and Donation Based Crowdfunding. The main headlines of this book are:-

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Live, Laugh and Travel Europe

Books by Rohit Gupta

When life gives you a chance to get on a trip to live your dreams, grab it with both hands that’s what Medha says. She receives the offer from her husband for Europe trip, and after taking some thoughts, she accepts it. She got a chance to live her DDLJ dreams, but the only thing she was scared of was their infant kid. However, her dream won, and they flew to Europe on a two-week long trip.


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