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Rustom Deboo

Rustom Deboo is a corporate professional and cricket writer from Mumbai. He is passionate about the history and numbers surrounding the game and has been writing on his blog, The Cricket Cauldron, as well as for other websites since 2012. He has a soft spot for word puzzles and quizzes and has been playing competitive Scrabble in tournaments across India since 2018.Read More...

The Ultimate Book of Cricketer Anagrams

Books by Rustom Deboo

How quickly can you untangle the Navy Road Web?  How fast can you get past the Russian Hare? Do you have it in you to catch the Rival Kiosk Man? 

The Ultimate Book of Cricketer Anagrams is a first-of-its-kind book that consists of anagram quizzes featuring the jumbled names of as many as 500 international cricketers. 

Put your anagramming skills and knowledge of cricketers to the test with this entertaining quiz book, which can be enjoy

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