Soumya Balamurugan is a young story writer. She is only thirteen.  Her aim to become an author started, at  the age of ten. Many famous writers inspired her , and her long-term goal is  to write books like them and bring it to the world’s vision. This is her first book.  Besides, her dream of becoming an author, she is also interested in  gardening, and painting. Her strong aim to publish her book led her to the path of glory. She is interested in writing  tween books. Please send your feedback  to gbsoumi03@gmail.com.



Books by G B SOUMYA

The fragranced flowers, aromatic air, glistening grass, the silent stream, colorful creatures, nourishing climate, endless stretching field, grabbed the eyes of the queen bee towards the field.

Its hive was built over a tall and supreme tree. The six eggs which hatched first were lively and curious to look over the field. They stepped out of the hive, and their restless eyes started admiring the whole field with passion. They found it more pleasing when

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