S C Basu

SC Basu served for over 34 years in the Telecommunication field in different capacities till he voluntarily relinquished charges as Dy. GM (Engineering) in Bandwidth Planning & Management, VSNL, India. Apart from his very rich experience of over 35 years in the telecom field, he is certified in several advanced professional courses globally. To mention a few: Optical Fibre Splicing, Testing of losses experienced while laying cable in Melbourne guided by AOTC, FLAG Undersea Optical System Operations & Maintenance at Bell Labs, Holmdel, USA lead by Lucent Technologies, DACS VI-2000:International Overview & Maintenance in Florida coached by Lucent Technologies, Digital Network Planning & Management in Bath, UK conducted by British Telecom. He was actively associated with and responsible for Procurement, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of FLAG Undersea Fibre-optic Cable Landing Station, VSNL, Mumbai.

Fibre Optics Spark Technology

Books by S C Basu

……No Life without Light, a proven thought emerged on the road to civilization! Creative thinkers like Pythagoras, Euclid, then Newton and Einstein were instrumental in understanding the properties of Light – while in modern era, Narinder Kapany, Charles K. Kao, all experimented to use Light as communication device. The outcome of much needed technological development in Fibre optics has paved the way for revolutionary achievements, that now dictate many important advances in the telecommunication, mechanical and medical fields, and even in banking sector. Communication through sound, video and computer are more reliable than in the past, by providing trusted monitoring systems and maintaining safer modes of transportation via optical fibre.

Submarine optic-fibre cables carry over 97% of intercontinental data traffic more efficiently than before. In fact, it’s the only technology that can transmit large amounts of information worldwide, cost effectively with minimum delays, and addresses Global Bandwidth growth.

‘Fibre optics spark Technology’ is the book for readers who are interested in assimilating the essence of Fibre optic technology from different sources. It can be treated as a reference, even while the chapters comprising of various important aspects of such a rapidly advanced technology, are explained in simple and easy manner.

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