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Sabarinath M B

Sabari started his writing as an inspired youth five years ago. But then that all came to a stop as entrance exams got the better of him. A writer at heart, he hoped to start again soon, but that time wouldn’t come till years later. A poem for a magazine turned into something more, as feedback from his friends got him to write more frequently. What started as a hobby soon became a mission to record his days in university. Exaggerated half-truths and an active imagination helped him to keep on writing. And by the end of it, he had fallen in love with poetry. The time he doesn’t writRead More...


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Those That Remain

Books by S. NATH

Those That Remain is a short and sweet collection of poetry that deals with university life and its various intricacies. Live through the journey from freshman year to graduation as each chapter takes you on a wild ride. Get ready to fall in love and chase after stars in this book that recollects all the moments that college was about. A coming of age tale that is sure to leave you feeling all fuzzy by the end of it. And oh, be sure to drink lots of coffee.&nb

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Two Cups of Tea

By Sabarinath M B in Poetry | Reads: 191 | Likes: 1

Two Cups of Tea * Skies the lightest of blue, so far away, A gaze upon which my heart did sway, It resembled once an empty canvas, To be then sprayed with colour paints. * Meeting with early mornings for a change, For boredom invited sleep the night before, A chance to stare at the tiny dewdrops, A   Read More...

Published on Apr 3,2020 04:59 PM

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