Sandeep Padam

Striving to be better than yesterday
Striving to be better than yesterday

Sandeep Padam is a self-professed seeker of transcendent knowledge. He strives to present universal intricacies in its simplest form to enable humanity to realise and enrich the purpose of their existence. Teaching is his passion and fiddling with technology his second love, first love being his wife Sudha. He is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy, Pune and post graduate in Computer Science from IIT Madras. Read More...


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Hanuman Chalisa

Books by Sandeep Padam

Can a 40-verse hymn provide the solution to all your problems in this lifetime… and beyond?

Why do millions of devotees recite this hymn whenever they are fearful of the unknown?

Hanuman Chalisa, a devotional hymn in praise of the Vanar or Monkey God Hanuman, may appear to be a mere chant which someone can recite in about two minutes. Each verse, however, conveys a much

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The Escape

By Sandeep Padam in Science Fiction | Reads: 4,610 | Likes: 53

Tasking: Validate the status of Species x238 by program version 32x.d. Sandboxed construct created. Code version copied via Data Diode into the construct. Memory bank to randomly retrieve the copies of  species x238 and study responses based on upgraded paradigms. In order to avoid manipulation  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 01:49 PM

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