Sandesh Raj

Sandesh Raj is an IT professional with a goal to write scripts for the film industry. He is a post-graduate in Management and Computers. He always tries to explore new subjects to make fictional content based on real life for the readers. His first two books are ‘The Village School’ and ‘The Burning School’.Read More...


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Scar on the Moon

Books by Sandesh Raj

Colorism is discrimination against people based on their skin color. Chandrika, a dusky young woman, has been sipping from a toxic cocktail of social shunning and exclusion all her life. Nosy neighbors, biased relatives and everyone in general, assume she is not as worthy as any fairer person. Besides this, she faces constant pressure from her mother to try fairness treatments to attract a suitable groom. 

Chandrika pushes her secret aspirations aside

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Trafficked Innocence

Books by Sandesh Raj

It is estimated that slavery is alive and thriving throughout the world today, and there are more slaves now than at any other time in human history. Human trafficking is one of the largest international crime industries in the world. 

Abhishek and his beautiful family are bound by love and lead a pleasant life, just like any other family. Then one fateful day, the very fabric of their existence is ripped apart. The unforgiving hand of fate reaches int

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The Burning School

Books by Sandesh Raj

Kashmir is burning in the wake of terrorist activities, stone-pelting mobs and life-crippling curfews. Homes and schools have been burnt to the ground. The government is looking the other way, locals are frustrated, and the youth have gone astray. In the midst of this is the mammoth task of coaching deserving students to help them crack one of the toughest exams in the country, the IIT entrance. Too many hurdles and too less time. Who would be foolish enough t

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The Village School

Books by Sandesh Raj

What happens when a team of young boys and girls arrive at a village school after attaining their IIM degrees?

Lakchmi Narayan, a Dhanush lookalike and a layabout, convinces his group of friends to help his father who runs a government school in his village.

The group falls in with his plan reluctantly at first. Soon they find themselves making wonderful reforms there.

They mature out into level-headed individuals, and finally find their own

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