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Sathya Sam

Author || Public speaker || Blogger || Social Columnist || Traveler
Author || Public speaker || Blogger || Social Columnist || Traveler

The author is a regular blogger and runs an exclusive website to express his ideologies about the world.

Sathya Sam was a mimicry artist, a skit writer, a stage show artist, a cricket player, and a part-time singer during his college days. He loves driving and seizes every opportunity to get behind the wheels for a long drive. He is also fond of animals, and likes to spend a lot of time watching and photographing them.

The author is known for his quick wit among his friends. He is a motivational speaker who has spoken at several institutions, inspiring youngsters with his realistic articulation.

Sathya Sam is an avid reader, who especially likes brain-twister stories. He strongly believes that if a story and its characters do not occupy the mind space of readers when they wake up the next day, the author hasn’t done justice to the piece of writing.






Books by Sathya Sam

Gauri is an unpretentious story of a woman who handles the hurdles of life with courage and profound thinking. Her character is similar to that of many women we see in our lives. But what is different is the dramatic twist in the tale, which you won’t see coming. 

The protagonist Gauri is patient and persistent, with an undying love and affection for her husband, much like many women in the country. Indeed, Gauri’s story is the tale of many

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