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Satyen Hombali

Satyen Hombali is an everyman’s poet. An avid reader, he discovered his love of poetry early in life but was only able to return to it after getting out of the rat race. Aside from poetry, he writes travelogues, essays, book reviews, short stories and satire. Satyen loves the poetry of Ogden Nash, the prose of Albert Camus, the films of Stanley Kubrick, the rums of the Caribbean, the whiskies of Islay, the food of Mexico, and the wines of California. He is a keen Himalayan trekker, an amateur photographer, a curious traveler and a lover of nature. He enjoys music of every conceivable genre but has a special place in his heart for the love songs of Edith Piaf, the tango music of Astor Piazzolla, the boleros of Latin America, the blues of the Mississippi delta and the nirguni bhajans (formless songs of devotion) of Pandit Kumar Gandharva. Satyen lives in Pune, India, with his wife.


Poems for You and Me

Books by Satyen Hombali

Poems for You and Me is a collection of poems, most of which were written through the year 2019. These simple poems address everyday subjects that are close to the poet’s heart. They provide a glimpse into the poet’s life journey, and along the way they reflect the poet’s views on life, death, love, loss, wealth, health, faith, values, friends, foes, joys, sorrows, dreams, hopes and everything in between. There are even poems about poems. The

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