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Shakeela was born in a small but beautiful town called Thalassery in Kerala, situated in the southern part of India. She is a wife, a proud mother of three lovely daughters and a grandmother to three little grandkids. She has always considered her family and near and dear ones most important to her. She was obsessed with books since childhood. Her love for writing surfaced after her two daughters married and left home. The isolation at home paved the way for her urge to write. She had always been a good storyteller, holding her children and nieces enthralled with her stories. She also enjoyRead More...

Adventures of Emma

Books by Shakeela

This book contains two stories that takes our young readers to Emma’s world of adventure. Emma is a young girl with a zest for adventure, and unlike other girls of her age, she dares to explore the untrodden paths of wilderness. Nevertheless, her bravery and doughtiness come in handy to overcome all the perilous obstacles that she encounters during her adventures.

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