Shashi P Christopher

Author and Educator
Author and Educator

Shashi P Christopher is a teacher by passion and profession. She hails from Southern part of India. Having worked in different schools and Institutes at various parts of India as a Science and Math teacher, Spoken English Trainer, Computer Science Faculty and also an Administrator, she says she did develop a great bonding and connectivity with children more so Adolescents. She is an active blogger and writer. To get to her write ups visit  You may email her at shashi.christopher@gmail.comRead More...


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Salad to the Soul


 SALAD TO THE SOUL shall surely be a valuable addition to your book collection. And I trust the study of my book, “SALAD TO THE SOUL”, would open you to new perspectives about different aspects of life and you may find clarity and direction too in those areas of your life. A sneak peek…


Take charge of this moment and the subsequent moments are being taken care of. The now moments decide the next moments, i.e. the way we handle

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Books by Shashi P Christopher

PAGES FROM A TEACHER’S DIARY comes straight from my heart dictated by experience. I earnestly look forward to bridge the existing gap between the Pupils, Parents, Educators and The Education System. “I am worried”, the lady exclaimed! “We are in the same boat sister but excluding The Worry Parameter”, I thought. “Why am I not worrying?” Are you already concluding that I care too less about my daughter’s and son’s studies! No way. I have a c

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Leaving A trail of Lessons !

By Shashi P Christopher in General Literary | Reads: 402 | Likes: 0

covid-19 is indeed not just a virus but seems like tough love_in action, a wake up call, a  revealer of many facts that The Universe is one big family, and that we need eachother in the process of HEALING as much as we don't need each other(Social distancing). It hints us that Need of the hour   Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 07:44 PM


By Shashi P Christopher in General Literary | Reads: 469 | Likes: 0

Translating  bane to BOON Is also what Social Physical distancing/Social Physical isolation is turning out to be. MOTHER Universe is Healing from  Pollution, the endless toxic emissions, the mad mechanised races, manipulative autocracy of the people over the NATURE.... And SHE is vibrating  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 07:38 PM

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