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Shashi Bala

Shashi Bala is a familiar face in Hindi Literature. Born on 11 April 1961 in Betiah (Bihar), she came down to Hazaribagh (Jharkhand) with her family following her father's job transfer. After her schooling from St. Robert's Girls School, Shashi Bala went on to pursue her higher education from St. Columba's College. Despite majoring in botany, Hindi Literature continued to fascinate her. This led to several awards and accolades in Hindi essay competitions. Shashi joined State Bank of India, which proved to be a major uplift and magnified her writing. Her poems, short stories, travelogues, book analysis and reminiscences started appearing in all the in-house magazines of the State Bank group. Subsequently, her writings appeared in Nandan, The Hindustan Times, Prabhat Khabar and magazines of the local sports club. A colloquy for her poems was held by the prestigious literary society of Hazaribagh. As a collection, this is Shashi Bala's second book. 

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