Indie Author Championship #6

Shelley Mishra

Shelley Mishra is a student of class eight in Loreto Convent School in Shimla. Writing stories is her hobby and passion. She started writing stories at an early age of seven. Her inspiration to write stories came from the Barbie film, Barbie as Rapunzel.   She started writing the book, World of Imagination when she was ten years old. Some of the stories and essays that are compiled in this book were given to her as school tasks. She continues to write stories and poems to date.  Read More...

World of Imagination

Books by Shelley Mishra

Have you ever imagined what an angel looks like? If you had a genie, what would your three wishes be? Every kid’s wishes would be unique.

A mind that has the ability to discover and create a new world can be a genie. Let us go into such a world, a World of Imagination, where all wishes come true.

Let go of your conformed mind and dive into a world where you are free to creating your destiny. Live your dreams and dance with the raindrops, fairies

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