Shephali is a twenty-four-year-old literature graduate. She is currently pursuing her Masters in literature and is passionate about women authors and complex female characters. She likes to explore the mundane via her writings, which can be found on her Instagram page. She was featured in an anthology about cities recently. She has been an avid reader since her teenage years. Her favorite authors include Virginia Woolf, Jeffery Archer, Jeanette Winterson and Arundhati Roy among others. She enjoys quoting Hindi lyrics and her favorite authors when things get hectic. Owing to the transferrable nRead More...



Books by Shephali Dhasmana

What happens when two people who have completely different ideas about how the world works collide? Aarushi Dhanjani is an English professor at the University of Amsterdam, and Kartavya Nanda is a Booker Prize-nominated author looking to finish his next novel.

He writes science fiction; she can’t stand it. She swoons over romance; he loathes the sight of it. She plans every step of her day; Kartavya doesn’t know where he will end up in the night. Sh

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