Dr. Shirin Venkatramani

Dr. Shirin Venkatramani is a gynaecologist by training, but a seeker at heart.

Her medical career spanning nearly four decades has been filled with

numerous awards, and has been professionally satisfying.

In her role as a doctor she has been able to provide medical care, emotional

support, and practical guidance to thousands of patients. Her passion

has been to reduce maternal mortality in India, towards which she spearheaded the

SuPraBha Ganga Yatra, a 108-day awareness walkathon along the River Ganga.

However she has consciously balanced her worldly career with an inward quest, fuelled by

her close association with the great sages of our times and her love for reading of spiritual

and philosophical texts. Throughout her life she has strived to reconcile spiritual concepts

with the mundane experience, and this book is one such attempt.



Jeevansar Kathamrut

Books by Shirin V Venkatramani

What can explain the human condition?

Is it our emotions? Our thoughts? Or the events in our life?

Taking from our epics and mythology, and the words of contemporary seers as well

as life’s experiences, Dr Shirin Venkatramani gives your short but pertinent insights

into making our life better.

This is not in just in the doing, but also within the self, where the mind aligns to

find a balance between thought and deed.

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