Shravishtha Ajaykumar

Shravishtha Ajaykumar after studying psychology and economics moved on to finish her master's in Urban Policy and Governance. After her master's, she moved into working in policy research and advocacy, where her main areas of expertise range from urban and gender policy to technology and geospatial policies. She also has a keen interest in human anthropology and sociology and incorporates this in her different fields of work. Being passionate about individual representation and empowerment and different forms of art, she wrote this book to allow her different fields of interest to coincide.Read More...


Seamingly Cultural

Books by Shravishtha Ajaykumar

Whether you choose to use fashion as a form of adornment or are completely detached from any fashion choices and choose simplicity, this book discusses how everyone, even the most removed from the fashion industry is unintentionally a part of it. Fashion remains to this day an underappreciated art form but it is still one of the most influential forms of art that embodies the politics, personality, and perceptions of the wearer and their time.

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