Simar Bhogal

Simar Bhogal, a student of grade 10, was introduced to blackout poetry at the age of 14 and was captivated by the concept of finding new meanings in old texts and working with and rebelling against world-renowned authors. After experimenting with the concept for a while, she decided to develop her own style by creating art on the page instead of simply blacking the words out. Soon she was making several poems a day in her free time and that's how 'looking in the dark' blossomed. The journey has taught her to be patient, to listen and to look for answers in the most unexpected places, especiallRead More...


Looking in the Dark

Books by Simar Bhogal

Our identity can be a confusing and mysterious area to explore, and even though the world expects us to figure out who we are and get our lives together, the truth is, that we can't always pick a category for ourselves, and why should we? It can be difficult to find the right words to explain your existence, so Simar Bhogal, decides to look where no one else is, in the dark.

'looking in the dark.' is a blackout poetry book that explores identity in a pe

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