Indie Author Championship #6

Sivaranjani V.

Dancer, painter and writer
Dancer, painter and writer

Sivaranjani Viswanathan is a 16-year-old poet from Mumbai. She is a Bharatanatyam dancer, who in her free time, likes to read, paint and sketch. She was the winner of the Hindustan Times Scholarship 2017-2018. This is her first book. Her pieces - Lifeline and Solution were published recently in poetry anthologies by Poem Pajama - Lost Memory and Going Off The Grid respectively.Read More...

Looking Glass Self

Books by Sivaranjani V.

‘Every whisper that escapes the lips

Is accompanied with a fear that runs all over.’

What started out as a piece written for a recitation spurred into a series of poems; a medium of expressing opinions and emotions.

Looking Glass Self is a collection of 40 poems that hopes to instil a burning questioning in its readers. It questions existing beliefs and ideals and is a journey of introspection; each step undertaken with the wil

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Strings of Hope

By Sivaranjani V. in Poetry | Reads: 569 | Likes: 6

Certain embers take flame,Forming myriad shapes.Sometimes,A deep drag of warm satisfaction,That moves through our lungs.Sometimes,The intoxication of a drug.While, Some materialize as a daily prayer of goodwill.The embers turn to burn brightly,As they take shape,Exuding warmth and aspiration.The em  Read More...

Published on Apr 4,2020 10:51 AM

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