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Smita D Talukdar

Digital Marketer & writer
Digital Marketer & writer

Born with a dream of becoming an advocate, Smita accidentally fell in love with writing. It was in 2008 when she first tried to scribble some poetic words on the bare sheets of her academy workbook.With her first printed poem in 2010, Smita went on to write occasional articles for an infotainment magazine. Succeeding that she was appointed as a content developer. Later promoted to the position of a junior journalist for a pan-India techno-commercial magazine in 2016. She has a short-film script, few news articles and now a book appended in her work portfolio.Presently, working as a professionaRead More...

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Books by Smita D Talukdar

 "Struck by fear, I find myself motionless. I can feel my hair rising. I clench my fists so tightly that I can feel my nails dig into my palm. I bite my tongue. I sense something crawling on my feet. I try to get it off, but I can't! Instinctively, I scream for help… I gather up all my energy, and with every ounce of strength in my body, I let out a scream - 'MOM!!' " 

After receiving a very unexpected call from her daughter, Pritha run

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