Sneha Susan Shibu

Sneha Susan Shibu (née Kurian) grew up in Alleppey, Kerala (India). She was trained as a teacher, but somewhere along life, she realised that it was writing that gave her a sense of fulfillment.   Sneha loves to observe nature, people and animals. She has an interest in photography and likes to experiment with different writing styles. She has published stories and poems on various platforms and has won a few accolades.  She spends most of her time in Kerala, where she lives with her husband. The Weaver of Rainbows is her first novel for grownup readers, which takes them on Read More...


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Bebe The Truant

Books by Sneha Susan Shibu

Bebe, the Godzilla ant, loves coconut. On a bright sunny day, on his way back from an errand, tempted by the sight of the coconut tree, he strays into the beach. He forgets everything as he focuses on getting a taste of coconut flesh. And from there begins his strange and dangerous adventure. Will he survive to tell his story? Find out more in this story of strange friendships and exhilarating twists.

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Books by Sneha Susan Shibu

A collection of short stories that look into the lives of ordinary people, whose struggles and fears are dealt with in different ways, while revealing the hope that runs deep despite the many odds they face in life.

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Books by Sneha Susan Shibu

Thommy is on a holiday. In the small town of Alleppey, he is fascinated by the new sights and sounds. And he has a lot of questions. The sea, mosquitoes, an elephant and the auto-rickshaw are but a few of the things that highlight his days at his grandfather’s beachside home. Father Chandy, a priest who runs a shelter, is a regular visitor. The little boy does something which touches everyone’s heart. He goes back to America hoping to return the very next yea

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The Weaver of Rainbows

Books by Sneha Susan Shibu

Death brings to life the once spooky and desolate household of Ebenezer. As Melita dwells on the irony of life, she takes readers through a poignant journey of hope, faith, fear and love.

Melita’s recollections of life in the quaint village of Merapara in Kerala; her first meeting with her cousins and the adventures that follow; the harsh realities of life ; and the sights, sounds and smells of a time gone by are so vivid and forthright that one feel

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Gold News Corp And Some Trivia

By Sneha Susan Shibu in Life Journey | Reads: 8,156 | Likes: 64

Without turning on the light, I sat in the verandah enjoying the chill following the early morning drizzle. Bird songs and the trill of crickets rang loud through the stillness. As darkness slowly peeled away, the effort of an industrious spider shone iridescent across the trellis. Bees danced aroun  Read More...

Published on Jul 5,2022 04:00 PM

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