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Soumya Mohanty is a techie who is always passionate about technology. He believes technology with its sheer potential has the power to almost every aspect of human life. He used to be a good chess player but quit the game due to lack of support. He is a movie buff, an ardent music lover, an avid reader, and a dreamer trying to invent himself as a storyteller. Soumya lives in Bhubaneswar and has co-founded a software company there. He is a Rotarian and Managing Trustee of Rupa Foundation. Currently apart from developing software for his customers, he is also involved in various philanthropic woRead More...


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Life is the most precious gift on earth and everyone wants to live to the fullest since the span is limited. The cycle of life and death is inevitable but what transpires during the journey from the womb to the graveyard truly makes it unique for each one of us. Some of it is driven by our actions and the rest as we realize sooner than later – destiny.

The author makes an attempt to reminisce Rupa (his strength for life) and the timeless journe

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The Complete Affair

By Soumya Mohanty in Women's Fiction | Reads: 4,168 | Likes: 12

“Maine dil se kaha, dhundh lana khusi…Nasamjh laya gum, toh yeh gum hi sahi…” The ring tone kept on repeating as the phone laid unanswered on the bed. Roshni was probably busy in something really important. Shweta on the other side of the line was desperate to reach her. Sh  Read More...

Published on Jul 8,2022 08:16 PM

Salt Lake

By Soumya Mohanty in Stories | Reads: 389 | Likes: 18

What a day it has been! First those chattering college students who didn’t even have an idea about where “exactly” they wanted to go, followed by the old lady who forgot what she wanted to buy when she went out. And why can’t these girls just stop blabbing about their break-ups, relationship  Read More...

Published on Feb 25,2021 06:35 PM

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