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Srihari Kapu


Srihari Kapu is one of the few successful people that have explored Blockchain technology as it grows, and he is very passionate about Blockchain and Fintech space in general. His previous work experiences include Blockchain Technical Lead, IT Coordinator. He is a dedicated speaker for Blockchain and DLT development. His work focuses on integrating Blockchain with various technologies like IOT, Fintech etc. Srihari Kapu is a self-motivated individual who is committed to thinking outside the box by enhancing his analytical approach on blockchain technology. Known as a forward thinker, he is keen to explore blockchain as technology grows. Srihari attended Bhashyam School for his primary education and then obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Electronics from Andhra University. He started his career in 2013 as an intern at the Indian Meteorological Department and interned in Viber India the following year. He is currently working on Disturbed and Decentralized Open source Projects and Blockchain Use cases Development. Because of his passion for Blockchain technology, he has been invited for conferences and summits around the world to deliver talks and keynote addresses on Blockchain and Healthcare.


Blockchain Explained

Books by Srihari Kapu

This book offers the most anticipated solution to the blockchain and digital financial questions that are present in the minds of many. It points us to where it all started, where we are at, and a careful and well-informed analysis of what the future holds regarding financial transactions and the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The world is consciously taking giant strides into the digital aspect of accounting. With the advent of blo

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