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Srila Ramanujam

Srila Ramanujam has been writing poems on events that happened both in her personal life and in the world around her. There are poems on the 9/11 incident and the pandemic that is gripping the world currently. And then there are poems on human emotions, nature and the outdoors and a host of other diverse topics. Apart from discovering herself through the nuances of her poetry, her poems have a compelling need expressing “Change and Unity”, “Bio-diversity”, “Spirituality” and an attempt into the esoteric avenues of knowing the human mind. She has effectively Read More...

A Sojourn with Poetry

Books by Srila Ramanujam

A Sojourn with Poetry is a book that leads the reader through those streets and roads less travelled within oneself, along those dark alleys that they probably wished they had never taken, or through the bright lanes of springtime blossoming’s of one’s life, as they relate their own experiences of life to the incidents and anecdotes described in the poems.

Whether it is to take a walk in “A Walk in the Moonlight”, or tra

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The Corona Baby!

By Srila Ramanujam in Poetry | Reads: 115 | Likes: 0

The Corona Baby!  You suddenly appeared, just gripping everyone alike,      Man, woman and child….All in your web, caught much to their dislike! Don’t touch, don’t touch – for the Germ spreads far n wide they said;      Made huge cries an  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 06:51 PM

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