Srinath Krishnamoorthy

Srinath Krishnamoorthy was born in Palakkad, Kerala. He holds a B.Tech degree from Government Engineering College, Palakkad and an M.Tech from MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. He is an avid reader, blogger and a traveller. This is his first novel and marks his transformation from a software engineer to a story engineer. You can reach him at: Follow him on Facebook at : srinathkrishnamoorthyblog


A girl gets divorced just before her wedding! A widow seeks answers for the deaths of her husband and son. A mysterious man follows a convicted rape victim. A stranger scribbles a number in a train. Two hearts part ways with a final wish: Hope We Never Meet Again. Then, there is a phone call…. Varun Diwakar is your average, happy-go-lucky young lad with many a dream that most middle-class youth harbor. But, he has a peculiar predicament. An accident changes his life forever. He discovers that he can travel into the minds and dreams of people – and in that journey – he discovers a lot of untold stories, painful narratives and surprising twists. What trig...

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