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Steffi J Menon, a 20-year-old living an explorer’s paradise kind of life is currently pursuing her master’s in counseling psychology. Everything in this book is about how she looks at life, love, the little but very big moments, friendships, and everything in between. It is all about Fika—taking that little moment to pause and reminisce.Read More...



Books by Steffi Jayakumar Menon

This started off as and continues to be a random compilation of a scribble book from and of a 20-year-old whom everyone knows as a loud person. A movie buff. And so, you can expect many pop culture and cinema references in what I have written. 

But to you who decided to spend time on the musings of a nobody, I hope I get to gift you a smile. In this book are stories unfinished, almost honest, and most importantly, messy and chaotic. Here’s a little g

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