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Suhail Ahmad Paray


Suhail Ahmad Paray can be well regarded as a person who is logical in his dealings. He is philanthropic by nature and has an altruistic personality. He is known for his creative learning and philosophical approach toward scientific facts. He is an extrovert in business and aspires to become the pathway to researchers who are constantly trying to unfold the underlying principles of the universe. This book is an  outcome of his thought-provoking ideology which, if felt the same way, can help us understand the underlying principles of the universe in the way we would like it.Read More...


The Consciousness of the Universe

Books by Suhail Ahmad Paray

The Consciousness of the Universe is written keeping in view the various scientific theories and thesis in consideration, which in a way lay the foundations for a scientific thought but, on the other hand, may create only doubts that prove to be havoc if remain unaddressed or unnoticed. Thus, the sole aim of this book is to address all those facts and realities that comprehend all those truths.

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