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Meet Alvaro Hans (nom de plume of Sundar.A.S), 64, whose interests lie in finding ‘right answers’. Retired from SBI in 2012, his hobbies include linguistics, invention ideas, poetry in Tamil and English and photography. Study on Greek etymology with special reference to Tamil has been his passion since childhood. Alvaro is known for his original research for the last 20 years, in this chosen field. He has published two books in Tamil and is a regular contributor to a popular online magazine in India. In addition, he has also a few publications in various newspapers to his credit. HRead More...


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Proto-Indo-European Language--

Books by Alvaro Hans

The Indo-European (IE) is the largest among the family of languages in the world, with 445 languages spoken by around 46% of the global population. Linguists have been looking for the mother of IE family, fondly called Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language but their decades of search have not revealed the face of PIE till now. What others have been missing so far, the author of this book Alvaro Hans has found out—by walking side-wards, jumping walls and looking

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