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Sunil Kutty Menon

Skm as fondly called by Industry colleagues or friends is an Experiential and a Brand Activation Specialist and has been heading an events agency. While growing up like all other kids, SKM created many stories in his mind and narrated to his parents or friends, which were mostly inspired by Bollywood movies or few English movies that he had watched. Friends called him a story teller as he could weave up a story at any time. He loved narrating stories to his nephews and nieces. He used to visualise and believe Indian folk stories that has ghosts and spirits in them. He imagined them as harmlessRead More...


Books by Sunil Kutty Menon

Strange people walk in to your life and leave you with an eerie feeling. This book reads about such encounters which you can’t forget.  


Spirits are modest and loving souls who become visible and interact only to few, whom they wish to.

They come back either to complete their Unfinished business or to communicate to someone who can feel them.

Spirit sightings and interaction get stronger once you start welcoming th

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