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Dr. Syed Mohammad Waris

Dr. Syed Mohammad Waris is a multifaceted personality. Born in 1980, in Srinagar, Kashmir, he not only excels professionally but also in his writing. He is a specialist in alternative medicine and is very passionate about esoteric science. Dr. Waris grew up in a family deeply influenced by the Sufi way of Islam. He counts his grandfather as one of the leading lights of the Chistiya order and is greatly influenced by his teachings.  In his quest for knowledge, he has travelled extensively in and outside India. He has excelled professionally with the same zeal. His work has been recognised at Read More...


Books by Dr. Syed Mohammad Waris

Love – Havoc in the Heart is a collection of poems and quotes.

We shall confine ourselves to the critique of feelings and emotions that poetry is a toss of imagination and, to some high-browed critics, is the summum bonum of poetic art. We shall look at the Quotes part of this booklet too but only express our opinion regarding the poetic form and also about how this formalisation is genuine.

Love is an intense emotion that grips humans m

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Yearning Heart

Books by Syed Mohammad Waris

Yearning Heart is a collection of poetry that must blossom as a flower would in a warbling, spring morning. The author’s sensitivity to nature and beauty intensified by love's flames has been the author’s fulcrum to weave the warp and woof the verse that he now leaves in the hands of his readers. The author hopes to showcase ideas that set his heart racing, his passion, and his restlessness!

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