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Dr. Terala Sreenivas

Terala Sreenivas is a professor of medicine at a medical school. His areas of interest include philosophy, science, and religion. He practices Kriya Yoga and is a member of the Self Realisation Society founded by Paramahamsa Yogananda. In the past, he has published two books, Life, Death, Creation, God and Life After Death.    Read More...

Purpose of Life – Existence and Enlightenment

Books by Dr. Terala Sreenivas

What is the purpose of human life? Did human beings come into existence on this earth as per Darwin’s Theory of Evolution or were they created by God, with an underlying purpose?

How does a common man, a religious person, an atheist, and a philosopher think about the purpose of life? Why do their interpretations about the meaning of life differ so much? 

Certain physical, chemical, and biological laws govern this universe. Thus, the existence

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Life, Death, Creation, God

Books by Terala Sreenivas

Life and Death: Science or Religion-Which is right? 
God: Exists or not?
Creation: Is it a reality or an illusion?
A compilation of various theories

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