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Dr. VJ

Entrepreneur & Writer
Entrepreneur & Writer

Dr. VJ is a versatile entrepreneur with a solid educational background in law, management and IT. He is a strong leader who believes in bringing out the hidden talents of the employees by guiding them towards the right path. He is an ambitious, goal-oriented professional with a wealthy summary of proven records of accomplishment for a successful career as a management consultant, a professional accountant, an entrepreneur and a motivational trainer with required set of career success skills. He is also an ambitious go-getter with a vision to become a leader in export education in the Asian RegRead More...

Facebook இல் அந்த அழகிய முகம்

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Facebook இல் தேடிக்கண்ட முகம் இன்று அவன் கண்முன்னே! இல்லை இல்லை, அவன் கைகளில் என்பதை அவனால் நம்பமுடியவில்லை.

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வின் மைன்ட் - அகம் அறிவோம்

Books by வி. ஜனகன்

"வின் மைன்ட் - அகம் அறிவோம்" என்பது ஒரு கற்பனையற்ற புத்தகம். “முயற்சிகள் தவறலாம் ஆனால் முயற்சி செய்ய தவறலாகாது" என்னும் தொனிப்பொருளில் 195 ஊக்கமூட்டும் வாசகங்களையும் 9 கட்டு

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WinMind - Friend for Your Life

Books by Dr V J

“WinMind – Friend for your life” is a non-fictional book that consists of one hundred thirty-six motivational quotes and nine motivational essays. This book has been written to awaken your inner strengths and abilities with the theme “One may believe that efforts may fail, but one should not fail to make an effort.”

This book will be a guard to defend you from loneliness, a refreshing force to restart your life and undoubte

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