Viikass Jolly

Mr. Viikass Jolly is a powerful motivational speaker, life coach and spiritual guide. A post-graduate in Religious Studies, he believes that with a positive outlook and strong will-power, any individual can be the best versions of themselves. He has given motivational training and conducted workshops for several Corporate Houses and Management Personnel to increase their productivity and channelize their work towards better and positive outcomes. As a result, their sales and by-products have increased and their desired outcomes are now a reality. He also speaks at the ALL INDIA RADIO’s Gurbani programme, where he imparts the knowledge of Holy Scriptures to people. He has travelled to various nooks and corners of the world to impart his knowledge on how to be the best versions of yourself and how to harness the hidden powers our mind has. He believes in the creative streak that every individual sports. His forte is designing a complete program suited for individuals as well as groups which includes mind programming and related techniques. He vouches for mental, physical, and even spiritual wellness.

Currently, he is training school children that include motivational talks to drive the inner creative kid out of them, to use their imagination and create amazing results. He believes that “Children being the torch bearers of the future, need to realise and manifest their hidden talents and potentials. With the right guidance and direction, they can achieve wonders.” 


Children Flying Infinite

Books by Viikass Jolly

Children, the tiny buds that God plants in the garden of life, are little miracles waiting to be discovered. Their minds are enriched with creativity and imagination. When given the right direction and motivation, they can do wonders which most of us only dream about.

The pinnacles some of these children have achieved at tender ages are remarkable. With self-motivation, meditation techniques and improving some techniques of the mind, they can unlock th

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