Vimala Reddy is very much interested in writing Tamil stories. She has written a lot of short stories in Singapore and Malaysia. Not only did the author has written 6 novels and 1 short story but has also won prizes internationally. One of these novels is Kathiruntha Vidiyal, which is about transgender people. The author has done a lot of research by interviewing them and has brought their real-life stories to us. This novel was recognized by Thesia Nila Nithi Kudduravau Sangam in Malaysia and won a prize of RM 10,000.   The author has gone through sleepless nights to interview, research, andRead More...


காத்திருந்த விடியல்

Books by விமலா ரெட்டி

"காத்திருந்த விடியல்" நாவல்

திருநங்கைகளின் பிறப்பு எப்படி? வளர்ப்பு எப்படி? அவர்கள் ஆசைகள் என்ன?

அவர்கள் ஆசை நிறைவேறியதா? இதுவே கதையின் உள்ளே

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