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A M Nagesh

Karnataka, India

The author is a well-known senior psychiatrist, fifty-nine years old, practicing psychiatry in his home district Hassan for thirty-two years. A keen enthusiast in sports, he is a shuttle badminton and tennis player. After his under-graduation in medicine, he joined a prestigious institute to complete his post-graduation in psychiatry. After completion of his post-graduation in psychiatry, he had worked briefly in the same institute for an ongoing research project, and then made up his mind to begin his career as a consulting psychiatrist. His passion for reading and writing though recent, he has to his credit writing articles to the local Kannada newspapers. At one time, his articles were published in one of the local newspapers continuously for twenty-five weeks. He has written two Kannada books, which are popular in Karnataka, and brought three music albums comprising its lyrics on mind, matter and meditation. Most of his writings and many of his narrations are his own concepts for drawn-out phrases from ancient scriptures, on what conspired between his friends while discussing and on what he has observed in his psychiatric practice. Some of his parables are interesting. His first publication of this book was in 2013 and made available in his clinic. He is married to Smt Chaya, having two children, Dhanya and Manu; both are doctors.


Discussions about the Upanishath without understanding its essence are irrelevant; in such a situation, it is better to avoid talking on this subject. Upanishath is a vast subject. I chose a topic in Upanishath that suits a psychiatrist well. Being a psychiatrist, I always raise my voice against the sinister plans of certain Janthar Manthar's, who have sowed the seeds of evil in the minds of innocent people in our society, in managing psychiatric disorders. The mental disorders have been viewed from ages as not diseases but as possessive disorders. Hence, cure would be from God's powers to the inhuman sorcery and black magic. Munduka Upanishathis one chapter in the Upanishath; in its description, I found no such powers like obeisance, obedience and obligation in the form of Yagna. It says burning Ajnana alone offers Jnana. Ancient teaching is to meditate with closed eyes. I have observed no logic in this. Meditating with closed eyes is Jada Samadhi; doing the same with open eyes is Samadhi. I tried Open Meditation in my practice and I found it to be practical. ...

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It has been said that a psychiatrist's mind is like a doctor's handwriting. In my first English book, Parivarthana (the change), I have made a mention about "Shrink". I am of the opinion that a psychiatrist would remain shrunk unless he does not come out from the western ideas and goes nearer to the eastern mysticism. De knotting Kagga (knot) of late Dr. D V Gundappa (a well-known author in Kannada literature) would require patience and knowledge, so also we need patience and knowledge to understand our complex life. Intellectual living does not assist man. Simplicity holds the key to rein on life. The pulse of living is directly proportional to the proper representation of life attributes. After all, life attributes are the subtle connectors of different lives with infinite objects of universe. Though my topics are not fiction, they are meant to provoke our thoughts along religious lines, our bygone philosophy, my own thoughts, my spiritual inventions and practices, the present day society and its psycho-social issues, the cosmic phenomenon, the current political scenarios, the life engineering programs and the works on neuro-spiritual interfaces (mind–matter interface). ...

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Today man is nefarious for two reasons. One is due to lack of insight and another in want of enlightenment. If by chance there is a change in him, immoralities turn into morality and his miseries change to mysticism. Both morality and mysticism would take us to mystique world. Empirically insight would be a near possibility than enlightenment. Though these two characters are theoretically valued, present changing values have made both values less valuable. From beginning of my profession, to think on these lines was mere impossible for the obsessions of self-sustenance I had possessed. Days progressed, obsessions reduced and being less busy and with more time made me to read and know the ancient knowledge. Rather than talking irrelevant things, spending time in club, sipping alcohol and for my bad feelings, I thought of reading some books of ancient history, and narrated certain concepts from these scriptures in my own way. Of late, I felt 'spirituality' is a cliché of the present decade doing ripples among the young and old. In these circumstances, I did ponder about psycho-pharmacological practice that would really help my psychiatric patients without the spirituality. With these thoughts, I defined 'spirituality' from the available 'spirit' in the market. ...

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