Mr. A. Venkatasubramanian, a.k.a ‘A.V.’, has authored many non-fiction books and has also penned several articles that were published online and featured in leading newspapers.

A.V. is a qualified engineer and management graduate having done his B.E. from India and M.S. in Engineering and M.B.A in General Management and Finance from the USA. He has also completed CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst, USA) until Level II.

While he started out his career in the technology industry, his experience spans several industries, including automobile, airline, information technology, retail, banking, real estate, market research and finance.

A.V. is currently an entrepreneur in the technology space and loves travel, photography, music and arts. He is an avid reader and engages in a variety of sporting activities.


The Art of Public Good

Books by A.Venkatasubramanian

Being in a position of power is a tremendous responsibility. Any decision taken by people in power should be done with due consideration and laced with wisdom. Often what seems obvious and logical at first sight, may actually lead to wrong policies when implemented. This, in turn, could cause tremendous hardship and suffering to the inhabitants of a country and beyond.

Any policy must pass the basic tests of equal opportunity over equal outcome, wisdom

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You Better Watch Out!

Books by A. Venkatasubramanian

Are you prepared for the future? Are you clued into how future technologies are going to impact your life? Do you know change is going to hit you on many fronts and at many levels? Do you have technological situational awareness? Do you at least have an inkling of what you are going to be hit

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Buddha on Wall-Street

Books by A.Venkatasubramanian

Can Money Buy Happiness?  How to Maximize your HQ (Happiness Quotient)? What is the Path to ‘Financial MOKSHA’? How to use your finances to Maximize your Potential? Why is Money like ‘Oxygen’?

BUDDHA on WALL-STREET is where western philosophies of maximizing wealth meet the eastern philosophies

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Books by A.Venkatasubramanian

Nuggets of Wisdom is a crisp compilation of the author’s years of experience and expertise in the field of real estate and investments, presented in the form of interesting short articles and anecdotes. It is meant to give the reader a ‘booster shot’ to improve his/her intuitive side while dealing with investments. The book is presented in the form of short anecdotes that would have a lasting impression on the reader, leaving him/her with tested

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The Real Deal

Books by A.Venkatasubramanian

How do you build wealth using real estate? How do you assess the real worth of your property? Why are real estate prices so high? Are the high prices justified? Is it better to ‘buy or rent’? What are the things to be aware of before you purchase real estate? What are the different approaches to valuation? The answers to all of these and more would be found in this book.

A never before insight and approach to real estate investment i

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