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Aashu Kandoi

Aashu has spent most of his early adulthood in Delhi. He loves to ponder about life and other philosophical matters. People often accuse him of overthinking due to his habit of digging deep into his own as well as other’s psyche. Only a few close ones are aware of his innate sense of humour. Apart from being a movie buff, fitness freak, avid reader, passionate writer, keen observer and eager explorer, he has been striving to achieve his dream of playing international cricket for the past 12 years now. But he has not given up yet. For conversion of this book into a play, audiobook, movie Read More...

Soft Corner

Books by Aashu Kandoi

How is your relationship with your parents? The girl in the cab wants to escape the torture of her parents. She can’t stand them anymore. However, her unacquainted fellow passenger has a different issue. How will this trip culminate?

Kabir befriends Rehaan, who can predict the future, at a traffic signal. Suddenly, Rehaan goes missing. Will Kabir find the young boy?

Divya had announced her decision to breakup, without citing any reason. She

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By Aashu Kandoi in Romance | Reads: 105 | Likes: 1

He was at the Durga restaurant. The same restaurant they had met last time. He had already secured a curtained corner cabin which could not be monitored from outside. She came in after 20 minutes and settled herself on his left. No hug. No kiss. No eye contact. She just slipped in quietly and perch  Read More...

Published on Jul 29,2020 04:24 PM

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