Abhi Patwardhan

Life-designer , Start-up Mentor and Instructional Designer
Life-designer , Start-up Mentor and Instructional Designer

Abhi shares a spiritual connection with dogs and is a certified dog trainer. After a successful corporate career, he went to Stanford and is now a life design coach. He enjoys writing and going on road trips. He has traveled to 45 countries. He is a Stanford and IIMB alumnus. He and his wife live in Singapore with their pups, Zoom, and Ziggy.Read More...


Angel Wings

Books by Abhi

“His eyes are talking to me” - with these words, Zen entered the lives of his two humans in Singapore in 2016. A few months later, the author, his wife, and Zen, their one-year-old Labrador Retriever, relocated to Stanford University. In the summer of 2017, the trio set off on a two-month, 10,000-mile road trip across America covering 29 states. 

‘Angel Wings - Paw-prints on Three Continents’ is a humorous narration of Zen’s adventures and mi

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