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Abhigyan A Singhatiya

Dreamer and Sketcher
Dreamer and Sketcher

Abhigyan Arvind Singhatiya AKA Abhi is 12-year-old kid who loves to sketch his mind out. His way of expressions are his sketches. He draws the stories he writes. Though now a student of class 8, his endeavour started when he was in class 6.  In his words, “All kids deserve to have their own way of expression, and academics should not define someone’s potential.” He is good at chess and puzzles. He reads a lot about everything and is keen observer of the human behaviour.  Abhigyan loves talking with his friends and is always ready to extend any help to anyone in need at any time. He is Read More...

China Town

Books by Abhigyan A Singhatiya

China Town is about a dreamland on the earth, every kid’s paradise like Disneyland. It is about my experiences as a kid with my family and my little brother. Filled with crazy adventures, passing through huge crowds, I feared I was lost until I reached the gorgeous Disneyland! If you have never been to Disneyland, this is your chance to experience it every single time you read it. You will be there with me in the middle of the most beautiful rides and drives

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