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about the author

Abhijit Nadagouda

The author was born and bred in the garden city of Bengaluru. Having been brought up in a semi-orthodox family, he was exposed to God and religion at a deep level at a pretty young age. The summer camps in ISKCON during his school vacation had a lot of influence on his spirituality. During the time that does not belong to him, he works for a German-based company in their products department in their Bengaluru office. He loves reading, writing and exploring new things, be it traveling, eating or even cooking, and is not tech savvy. He is a novice at social network where all his accounts are because of peer pressure. He believes more in actual friends and relationships than the virtual ones. To sum him up in a sentence, he is, A bad engineer, an optimistic MBA, a determined entrepreneur, an above-average writer and a passionate Indian.

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