Abhishek Goswami

Abhishek Goswami, born and brought up in New Delhi, has done his graduation in Science from the Delhi University and later on did PGDBA in HR. He has fifteen years of work experience in reputed MNC firms and is currently working in Gurgaon. He has a keen interest in reading suspense/mystery books and mythological fiction. Listening to music and watching cricket are the other two important hobbies he mostly enjoys during his spare time. This is his first book, and this collection of poems reflects his interest in Science and Nature and the constant interplay these topics have with people.  Read More...


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Curse of Shiva and Other Tales

Books by Abhishek Goswami

Who is S-499, and what did Ravi and Vijay see? What is the connection between the red roses and Sydney? How did Vetaal help Vikram? And what is the curse of Shiva?

Curse of Shiva and Other Tales is an engaging collection of short stories and poems, which covers various themes. The short stories depict tales of science fiction, adventure, history, struggles and achievements. It delves into how one’s choices and actions in life cause unintende

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The Lonely Drummer and other poems


The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems takes the reader through a gamut of human emotions and feelings and tickles the reader’s imagination and curiosity levels as well. If the Lonely Drummer talks about the fate of a performing artist, the Memoir of a Currency Note deals with a first-person account of a currency note’s life journey and how it is similar to humans as well. The Blue Book is a poem of the suspense/mystery genr

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World of My Dreams

By Abhishek Goswami in Life Journey | Reads: 8,829 | Likes: 108

I lived in the most beautiful valley on earth in Kashmir. The sight of the snow-capped mountains, the sounds of the flowing river striking against numerous boulders on its path, the long winding roads going up and down and the lines of green trees along the paths made this place truly a paradise on   Read More...

Published on Jun 15,2022 08:21 PM

The Ring of Siraj

By Abhishek Goswami in Thriller | Reads: 674 | Likes: 1

The loud sound of the window glass shattering to pieces woke up Shraboni from her slumber.She found Pandey Ji looking at the damaged window glass with a quizzical glance.Shraboni asked, “Pandey Ji, kya hua?Are those guys at it again?” Pandey Ji replied,”Who knows dear, these   Read More...

Published on Apr 16,2020 08:06 PM

Dharamraj of Kaliyuga

By Abhishek Goswami in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 968 | Likes: 3

Yudhishthir was searching for his brothers in the dense woods. All of them had gone in search of water but never returned.  Finally he saw a lake at some distance. As he went near, he saw his 4 brothers lying down dead. He thought to himself to quench his thirst first. As he stooped down to dri  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 06:44 PM

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