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Abhishek Sen

A young, first-time author with a background in Banking and Real Estate and having dabbled in theatre, with a penchant for poetry and a fondness for the fine arts, Abhishek Sen comes with his maiden offering Transcending Parallels. A work of fiction that revolves around the life of four distinct women coming from different walks of life, Transcending Parallels speaks about the strength exuded by each woman in the face of adversities. Perhaps the single unifying force besides the fact that they are all women that compels us to draw parallels between these varied stories. The author skilfully makes subtle sociopolitical references to draw attention to the state of affairs in our society, public apathy at large, instances of poor governance and the positioning of women in general in a predominantly patriarchal society. He draws inspiration from his personal life experiences and several eventful and fascinating encounters and learning from instances of failure, which all come together to mould him as a person. With an infectious optimism and a positive outlook at life, Abhishek embarks upon a new and interesting journey and ushers in the next phase of his life with the hope of turning a new leaf and stepping into a promising and bright future. Let’s lend him our support, wish him luck as he makes his debut in the world of literature and wish him success with all his future endeavours.

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