Abilash Geetha Balan

En Route Goa is the author’s first attempt at mainstream writing. The author, Abilash Balan, works for a wind power company in India. Born in Quilandy, Kerala, the writer grew up in Chennai. En Route Goa was a part of his New Year resolution in the year 2014, an attempt made to explore different things that kept him excited as a child.



En Route Goa

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Every journey in life has a purpose, and at the end we make lasting memories out of each journey. Some memories will be cherished and some others struggle to be forgotten. En Route Goa is one such journey of a few people traveling to different destinations. In this story, each one plays a subtle role in other’s lives, carving lasting memories in an overnight train travel. But they never knew they were just playing their part in an age old myth.

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