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Books by Abhi

An exclusive collection of word search puzzles to tease the focus, enjoy the fun and gather some interesting learning space.

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Books by Abinaya

The dream to achieve big, takes a huge leap in the lives of the young and the vibrant souls. They travel through the path of umpteen opportunities with a rising hope, to get to the core of a professional life. The ups and downs, the strange twists and turns; tests the fate of the young and the old in countless ways. Will these tests give them the right results? Will they give up at the earliest or fight until the end?.........


6 lives


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Books by Abhi

Charumathi Elangovan, a witty writer is busy with her social life- 'the core of illustrative media'.An exciting task of promoting her work brings Kabir Juneja -an aspiring actor into the picture.....

Together , they celebrate the story of  THe PaST , THe PreseNT & THe FutuRE

A point of reference that creates an Illusion and redefines the charter of wisdom

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Notes From The Secret Santa

Books by ABHI

"LIFE IS A BLESSING' Tara Ramanath, a young and vibrant soul, decides to take a break from her successful career. The End of a Journey, brings-forth a new beginning, with a fres

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By Abinaya in Poetry | Reads: 244 | Likes: 0

THE BONHOMIE OF PARADISE   The tale of utmost celebration Begins the day we find ourselves The right soulmate Who values  the roots and the flaws with pride. Walking hand in hand Through the thick and thin, Defining  the strength of the relationship, Finessing the tale of life, With the a sense o  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 06:34 PM

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