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Adil Latheef Cherayakat

Adil Latheef Cherayakat is a 24-year-old poet, gastronome and marketer who is based in Amsterdam. He uses his own emotions to derive poems and culture to beautify them. He has already lived in India, Saudi Arabia, Italy and is currently in the Netherlands. Being quite young, the changing destinations and involvement in cultures have helped influence the scope of his poems, phenomenally. Here, he is opening his heart and his journal to the readers.


Boy Under The Tree

Books by Adil Latheef Cherayakat

‘Boy Under The Tree’ is a collection of various emotions and collisions inside the poet’s mind that has just been expressed in the form of words and metaphors.This collection was  written over three years. Deeply inspired by poets like Mahmoud Darwish, the poems bring in cups of desire, melancholic reflections, longing for hope and a peek from solitude to and through the souls of the readers. The book is named after the incident where the poet me

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