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Aditi Bhagat

Born in New Delhi, an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and after having been an Architect, Investment Banker and Product Manager, Aditi is currently a student at the Indian School of Business. Aditi has been writing since her school days and has co-authored multiple research publications. She has spoken at International Conferences and found appreciation for her socially relevant essays. Thoroughly concerned over the vulnerabilities and intrusions of the digital space into private lives, she has spent more than two years researching the domain of Internet connectivity and surveillance in preparation for The Digital Panopticon, which is her attempt at sensitizing the readers to these vulnerabilities through the power of fiction. Gifted with a brilliant and sensitive mind, and the will to use the power of the written word for engineering change, Aditi is a rising star in the firmament of young Indian writers, whose progress will be a pleasure to watch.

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